Today’s Resolution: Use the Write Stuff

Writing utensils seem to be plentiful throughout the house, but I can’t seem to find just what I need all the time. Gather up all of the pens, pencils, and markers (maybe even crayons!) and put into an old shoebox or large jar. Keep in a convenient location. Make sure everything you place in there works; I hate going for one pen after another that is out of ink just to sign a check! If you have enough, separate into containers by type. It’s a good idea to keep a few crayons or colored pencils around too for guests who have children. Paper and a writing utensil can be a great toy!

Image source: These cute chalkboard labels on Etsy.

Today’s Resolution: Make a Plan “B”

Backing up our precious electronic files seems like an easy act to execute, so why don’t we do it? Technology has given us the tools to make this process a snap. There are portable hard drives, online services, and the ever-popular thumb drives to house our precious electronic nuggets. What if a deadly virus caught you off-guard? Would you be backed-up? Don’t procrastinate on this one!

Image Source: Justin Ruckman on Flickr

Today’s Resolution: Look for “Under Where”

When you were a kid, you were probably amused by the gag of trying to provoke someone to respond with “Under where?” (sounds like “underwear”) after giving some vague directions about the location of some imaginary item under something. Always good for a giggle if you could get an adult to say it. However, “under where” might just be a solution to utilizing more space without adding to the clutter in a house or apartment. The area under sofas can provide a nice place to tuck a short bin filled possibly with magazines, games, or CDs especially if the view is obscured and the container is out of sight. The space under beds can serve the same purpose for containers of clothing items, mementos, books, etc. Even underwear can go under there!

Image source: Read “S” is for Storage!

Today’s Resolution: Bookmark It!

Retrieving favorite sites from the internet can be literally a second away if you have bookmarked them. However, as with anything you save, clutter can easily accumulate even with bookmarks if you are incessantly adding to your hoard of favorites. Go through your bookmarks and delete anything that you might have forgotten about and no longer need/want. Revisit some of the sites if you need to determine if they are worth keeping or relevant. If you share a computer, make sure you check with others before you delete their favorite sites!

Today’s Resolution: Give Credit Where It Is Due

Credit is very valuable in today’s economic climate. Do you know your credit score? Think about when it was last checked. Has anything dramatically changed since then that might have affected it? There are many free services to tap into to find out your credit score; you should never pay for it. If your score is in the excellent range, pat yourself on the back. Whatever you are doing is working. If your score needs a little work, start thinking about how to help it. Consolidate loans, pay off balances owed, and build your net worth. Credit is great, but not if it is anchored in debt.

Photo credit: marsmet543 on Flickr.

Today’s Resolution: Hit the Wall

When it comes to cleaning and doing jobs around the house, there are certain ones that make the Top 5 list: vacuuming, dusting, washing dishes, laundry, and making beds. However, there is one job that gets overlooked and can really spruce up a room if tackled…cleaning or touching up nagging spots on the wall or ceiling. Depending on the finish of your walls, you should proceed with caution though.

A semi-gloss finish should be fine if you take a small damp cloth and eradicate small marks. Need a little more than just a gentle wipe? Do some paint touch ups on places that require more attention. Errant marks can show up seemingly from thin air and we don’t always notice them (unless you have small children who cannot seem to keep their hands off walls and windows!). So find your spot and get busy!

Today’s Resolution: Extend an Olive Branch

We all get irritated with family members, spouses, colleagues, friends, and significant others from time to time. Sometimes people are aware of the annoyance, and sometimes they are not. Find some small gesture to extend to that person who at times can drive you nuts. The person need not know about the “annoyance factor” he/she radiates. Offer to do something nice for the person. Even making strong eye contact and a smile with a courteous and sincere “thank you” or “please” can be enough.

Today’s Resolution: Follow a New Blog

Participating in the internet community can be intimidating and even awkward for those not used to it. Some people “drop in” to conversations, some like to stand out in a social network setting, some enjoy remaining behind the scenes. Having a sense of belonging is something the internet can provide to just about anyone. Become a part of a discussion on a topic you enjoy; find a blog to follow. There are blogs for everything. See what others have to say on topics that are important to you, and in the same vein, share your ideas and knowledge with others. Get connected.

Today’s Resolution: Make Key Points

Misplacing keys can be very annoying especially if you don’t have a spare tucked away somewhere. A single spare key by itself can be easily overlooked. Make it a little easier on yourself and put a key chain or lanyard on a spare that would make it easy to locate or identify. Avoid labeling keys with text like “house key;” this is asking for trouble if you lose it. Try color codes for keys: blue for house keys, red for house keys, yellow for lock box keys, etc. There are colored rubber frames you can get for keys that can help you do this. Be consistent with the location you choose for your keys and all spares. And don’t put extra keys under a doormat!

Today’s Resolution: Let It Shine!

Polishing and putting a shine on items needs to be done from time to time. Jewelry lost a little of its luster? Sometimes just submerging silver and gold items in a diluted container of cool soapy water (regular mild dish soap works) and drying with a clean cloth can do just the trick to restore brilliance and remove tarnish. Chrome on vehicles can be cleaned up to give a fresh look to your car or motorcycle. Try a little diluted vinegar or lemon juice on a clean rag for a sparkling finish and let it shine!