Today’s Resolution: Say Something Nice to Everyone You Meet

Compliments rock, right? When someone says “hey I like your shoes” or “have you lost weight” it’s pretty hard not to like that person. Suddenly, Suzie-chews-with-her-mouth-open isn’t so bad and when someone calls her out in a gossip gab-fest you find yourself saying the famous line of, “well she’s always been really nice to me”.

And you… when’s the last time you consciously dished out genuine compliments? We keep these silent compliments to ourselves far too often. While you’re thinking “wow that girl is pretty,” she could be wondering if she’s got a visible muffin top in her new jeans. Even if you think some people don’t “need” compliments, don’t kid yourself – everyone appreciates them.

So today be generous and find something nice to say about as many people as you can. Even if it takes some digging.