Daily Resolution: Be a Designated Driver

This time of year the social calendars tend to fill up with events that include delicious food and spirits along with the year-ending celebrations. To keep the festivities safe, offer to be a designated driver for a friend, colleague, or spouse. Make the offer ahead of time so no one is offended at the office party when you try to take his/her keys. Aspirin not included.

Daily Resolution: Get a Jar for All Seasons

Find a plain over-sized jar to use throughout the year for seasonal items. Fill it with peppermints, candy hearts, Halloween candy, peanuts, or just about anything! Put it in an accessible spot to let people know they have permission to partake in its contents. You can even seasonally decorate the jar with ribbons, stickers, paint, or wrapping paper!

Daily Resolution: Get a Spoonful of Temptation

Craving something sweet or fattening, but do not want to deal with the guilt? Take out a teaspoon and allow yourself a modest dip into something off-limits without completely sabotaging your healthy eating habits. Perhaps a spoonful of peanut butter, ice cream, or pudding? Use it as an incentive or to curb the urge to grab an entire bowl of something sinful. But remember, only ONE teaspoon and only ONE dip per customer!

Daily Resolution: Share Your Best Home Remedy

They may not be what the doctor ordered, but home remedies can sometimes save the day when it is inconvenient to get to a physician or the pharmacy. Stung by a bee? Put wet mud on the area that is stung. Have an upset stomach? Try a little piece of peppermint candy. Does your hair need some moisturizing? Rinse it with eggs. One word of caution: Never blindly explore remedies. Do some research and check on their credibility with others who have tested them, or else you may up with green hair or worse…in the hospital!

Daily Resolution: Be Someone’s Angel

Check with your local church, shelter or community center for residents and neighbors who are in need and come to their rescue. Often you can get a specific list of items for particular families or individuals who may be in need of things like blankets, or toys for children, diapers, hygiene products, coats, etc.  Volunteer some time with hospital patients who cannot be home for the holidays. Bring in a group of carolers to lighten the atmosphere. It does not take much effort to be an angel, and you may even earn your wings!

Daily Resolution: Look Out Below! Mistletoe!

When was the last time you stood under the mistletoe? The actual practice of kissing under the mistletoe began in England in the 16th century, but it is not as popular these days as many people may believe.  Bring the tradition back by hanging some of the greenery in a modest spot in the office or home. Watch how people react. The origins connected to the holiday use of mistletoe come from varied sources. The Celts believed in its power of protection and some cultures believed it had healing power. Today, scientists know it to be a parasitic plant. At the very least it might be a conversation starter or the beginning of a beautiful relationship for someone!


Daily Resolution: Don’t Get Caught Empty-Handed

Last minute invitations or spontaneous celebrations can be very nice, but sometimes it can catch you empty-handed. Keep a drawer or closet space for a few general items that may be handy in a pinch like for celebrating the arrival of a baby or a last minute party invitation. Look for special deals/sales for things that are potential gifts throughout the year: diapers, a bottle of wine, a picture frame, toys, aromatic soaps, etc. Look around your house; you may have some things to serve the purpose without realizing it.

Daily Resolution: Cook-off for Charity

Find a fun way to bring colleagues and friends together for a good cause. Have a cook-off at your work site: Chili, homemade soup, barbecue, whatever your preference. Everyone who enters must make a donation to a charity agreed upon by the participants. Recruit “taste judges” to sample the entries (judges must make a donation as well).  Award ribbons or certificates for the top 3 entries. The bragging rights alone will last throughout the year and will promote the activity for the following year. Be careful when judging the boss’s entry!

Daily Resolution: Use Magnet Magic

Take a look at the door of your refrigerator today. If it is free of clutter, congratulations! If there are various coupons, calendars, bills, etc. layered on, then it is time to straighten it up. Throw away any items that are expired or outdated. Arrange items in some order and remove anything that needs an update (example: photos). Get some new magnets that add personality to your kitchen or get larger clips to hold what you need together. And while you are at it, dust the top of the appliance!

Daily Resolution: Replace Digital With Paper

What if our access to technology were unplugged for a day? Could you function? You might find that fifty cents in your wallet might not go too far with ATMS and credit card swiping gone. And do people really need to call home for directions on what to buy at the grocery store? How about an old fashioned list! Try to go without for a day and see for yourself what is absolutely necessary and what is not. Turn off the TV, kick back with a good book or magazine, and get yourself a snack that does not require the microwave. And it might not be such a bad idea to put a few dollars under your mattress, either.

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