Today’s Resolution: Be a Tourist in Your Own City

In 50 years, your town/city will probably look nothing like it does now. And how much do you really know about where you live? Do you know how your city was founded, any weird laws that haven’t been revoked yet, or which hotel in town is haunted? Have you visited all of the parks and statues, and read all of the plaques? In most cases, the answer to this bag of questions is probably a consolidated “no”. That’s cool.

So today your resolution is to be a tourist. If it’s nice out, you might want to check out some statues and take some photos with a couple townie artifacts. You know, the usual. Easy if you’re in a big city, but much more interesting if you’re not.

And if the weather is crappy where you live… then laze it out and do a little internet research instead. Then, when the sun is out, hit up a few landmarks and make a day of it. There’s nothing like a little in-town adventure. Geocaching, by the way, is a fine way to explore an area. Just saying.