Today’s Resolution: Let Go of a Grudge, Even If You Do It Privately

There’s somebody in your life that needs to be forgiven. Not for their sake, but for yours. Maybe they’re a coward, a cheat, a liar, or maybe they pulled down your pants in gym class twenty years ago. It doesn’t matter if they’ve affected your life recently or if their wrongdoing has hurt you for your entire life. Today’s resolution is to let go.

Let’s be realistic, whatever it is that you’re holding onto isn’t hurting them. They’re not the ones thinking about it. It’s probably not even upsetting them and it’s definitely not ruining their life (except in certain circumstances, of course).

The point, is that letting go of a grudge doesn’t mean that you’re forgetting or even forgiving. It means that you’re no longer going to let what someone did in the past affect you now. You’re moving on.¬†Cause I mean, who do they think they are? What’s so great about them that they get to spend one more minute in your brain?

Delete. Refresh. Move on.