Today’s Resolution: Pass it Along

Every time we watch the show Hoarders, we get a very uncomfortable feeling that implores us to clean. Mind you, we’re not a neat freaks either. Today’s resolution is not advising you to clean (hopefully you don’t need to be told to do that). However, it is a gentle coaxing to get you to choose an item that you have been clinging to over the years that really has no value (sentimental or otherwise) and get rid of it.

In other words, it’s just taking up space for no other reason than you cannot seem to part with it. Throw it away; donate it to a charity; give it to a friend. Today is the day to give it up. Good luck!

Today’s Resolution: Detox and Defrag

Computer not cooperating with you lately? When was the last time you gave the hard drive a good cleaning? Many people set up their computers, laptops, and tablets to automatically consolidate and clean up files. However, only you know which programs and files are most necessary to keep and which can be removed. High resolution images take up quite a bit of space; you may want to consider putting them on a flash drive or deleting altogether. Do the same for your email accounts. Only keep what you need, and if you need it, back it up!

Today’s Resolution: Pull the Plug

Most of us are fairly conscious of our electricity use. Switching to more efficient light bulbs, using more energy efficient appliances, and turning off items when not in use have become routine. However, there are ways to take conservation even further. Take a look around your home and identify “vampire power” that is being wasted. This is the energy that is being used for items that are plugged in but not necessarily in use. Unplug anything that does not require instant or ongoing energy. Make it a habit to pull the plug on items such as toasters, coffee makers, lamps, etc. Get unplugged and see if it makes a difference.

Image source: Functoruser on Flickr

Today’s Resolution: Go Looney for Toons

When was the last time you watched a cartoon? Family Guy or The Simpsons doesn’t count for this one. Spend a few minutes finding a children’s cartoon and really watching it. Look for something classic: Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, or Popeye. You’ll be surprised at how many of these can be aimed at adults in subtle ways through clever word play or intelligent jokes. You don’t need children in the room to get something from a cartoon. It’s no accident there are more and more cartoons targeting adult audiences. Enjoy a few minutes of brainless time…or is it?

Image Source: LaserGuided on Flickr

Today’s Resolution: Celebrate a Birthday

Every day is someone’s birthday. In honor of that, celebrate by treating yourself to a cupcake or slice of cake. There are many bakeries that specialize in just cupcakes and cakes, and there are even television shows devoted to the delectable confections. If gourmet and designer cakes are beyond your budget or taste, bake your own and decorate as elaborately as you can. Out to lunch or dinner? Tell the server it is your birthday and you may be treated to a complimentary dessert! Caution: You may be surrounded by a swarm of staff singing “Happy Birthday!” to you!

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