Today’s Resolution: Confess Something

Today’s Resolution: Buy Someone a Gift

Today’s Resolution: Print Out Your Phone Photos

Time to take those digital works of art and turn them into print masterpieces. If you’re one of the many who are replacing your digital camera with heaps of cellphone photos, send a few to your local (or online) photobooth today. In my old apartment, I covered an entire wall with photos from my cellphone and it was pretty spectacular if I do say so myself.

Today’s Resolution: Write Somebody a Letter

We’ve already practiced our penmanship and written someone a (disposable) love letter on Valentine’s Day. Now it’s time for a real letter. One you’ll send in the mail and all that.

Today’s Resolution: Give Something Away

Make a bag of clothes, fill a bag of books, whatever. Find a bin and fill it, or find a cause and support it.

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