Today’s Resolution: Write a (Disposable) Love Letter

Saint Valentine’s Day is technically a Christian holiday meant to honor Saint Valentine, but was deleted from the Catholic books back in 1969 (appropriate?) by the Pope and has since been celebrated by anyone and everyone ever since.

Generally, the “holiday” is meant to show that special someone that you love them. Or rather, since you may do that every day, it’s an excuse to show them a little extra appreciation. Or even more accurately, it’s an excuse to eat heart-shaped red-velvet cupcakes and eat a fancy dinner. And who can hate that?

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world is lucky enough to be loved madly on V-Day, so it’s also an opportunity to get out any pent up aggression against happy couples and write angry letters to Hallmark.

Just kidding.

Despite the resolution, just forget it’s Valentine’s Day. Pretend it’s any other day and on this day I’m asking you to write a love letter. To anyone. To that little girl you loved in first grade. To the first boy who broke your heart. To your ex-wife. To your “mister”. Whoever it is that you fancy, or have fancied, write them a love letter. And if you don’t want them to see or read it, dispose of it.