Today’s Resolution: Hug Somebody

On Sundays we try to give you resolutions that are fulfilling but also comforting, like Sundays are meant to be spent – fulfilled and comforted. That’s why today’s resolution is to hug somebody. And there are no real rules to “the emotional heimlich”, it’s up to you. If you need a few reminders as to why hugging is way more rad than personal space, here are a few facts I dug up that may or may not have any scientific evidence behind them:

  • Children who are hugged more develop into happier adults!
  • The more you hug someone, the more likely they are to hug others!
  • Hugging slows your heartbeat and lowers your blood pressure!
  • Couples who hug release extra¬†oxytocin!

Most importantly, hugs won’t make you fat and they won’t kill you. When’s the last time you heard that about something that made you happy? They sure don’t say that about cigarettes and cupcakes, do they? So if you need help with your technique, here are a few different types of hugs to get you started.