Today’s Resolution: Do It Yourself

Today’s resolution is to “do it yourself”. That project you’ve been waiting for help on? Do it yourself. Those dishes you hoped someone else would clean? Do them yourself. The blame-game handoff at work? End the cycle and do it yourself. Start a do-it-yourself project, make dinner instead of getting takeout—do it yourself.

Today’s Resolution: Fund a Kickstarter Project

Kickstarter is like angel investing for poor people (er… middle class people?). You don’t need a million dollars to support a product, you only need like $5 or $25 and you usually get something neat out of it. When you find a KickStarter project that you like, you only pay if the project is funded, so if you donate $100 and they don’t meet their goal, you won’t be charged. If they are, then you’ll get something (usually the product they’re raising money for) eventually down the road. For example, a band might ask you to help fund their album, and if you donate $10 or something, they’ll send you an advance copy when it’s ready. Or a couple of kids might have come up with a new iPhone gadget and you’ll get it hot off the presses once they’re produced. Or maybe there’s a fancy new pen in town. Anyway, today’s resolution is to help fund a project. You only need $1 to participate.

Today’s Resolution: Watch a Movie That Makes You Feel Empowered

Isn’t it nice when the underdog comes out on top? Especially when you’re not feeling as tip-top as usual? Today your resolution is to find a movie that makes you feel good and watch it. Possibly on repeat. These movies are gonna differ whether you’re a man or woman, but I’m pretty sure don’t need any instruction from me. You already have something in mind, don’t you?

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Today’s Resolution: Say No When You Want to Say No

As a “yes” person you might find a billion reasons to make other people happy even when it’s at the sake of putting yourself in debt, getting thrown into awkward situations, or being used as a doormat. And it’s not because you’re a sucker, because you’re well aware of when you’re being used and abused by “takers”, but sometimes you just think you’re a superhero. Well, if you’re a “yes” person and you need a day off, today is the day to say no.

Today’s Resolution: Make Good Decisions

If you have to think too hard about a decision, you’re probably weighing the good and the bad a little too much. Today, if the good doesn’t easily outweigh the bad today in the decisions that you’re making, then you know what to do. Every day we make good and bad choices. Sometimes we know how good or bad they are immediately, and others take hours, days, maybe even years to come to the surface. So today’s resolution is to make good decisions—the best that you can, in the time allotted.

Today’s Resolution: Eat Cake

It’s my birthday today. So, your very simple and tasty resolution (along with mine) is to eat cake. Cheers!

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Today’s Resolution: Look Like a Million Bucks

Let’s face it, not even celebrities can look their best every day. However, with their big bank accounts and spending sprees, they can certainly look like a million bucks when they decide to hit the town. Today your goal is simple. Pay a little extra attention to how you feel when dressing and going out today. There’s certainly an outfit in your closet that makes you feel like a million bucks when you wear it. Feel good today.

Today’s Resolution: Complete a Pinterest Project (or Any Other Personal Project)

Oh hey, have you met Pinterest? It’s the giant multi-million user social network where people store favorite design ideas, craft projects and photo inspirations that they (at some point), hope to complete themselves. Even if you’re not on Pinterest, there’s surely a project you’ve been hoping to work on when you get to it. The truth is that there will always be other things to do. So today your resolution is to use your free time to either complete a project, or to at least plan when you’re going to complete it.

Today’s Resolution: Don’t Get Distracted

Distractions are everywhere. When I get distracted it’s usually by something else I should have done at one point, but seems to be more fulfilling than what I’m supposed to be doing right now. I dub this effort “productive procrastination”. So for today, your resolution is not to impose productive procrastination time, but to actually just avoid distractions. Don’t “kill time” with anything that’s not actually a to-do for the day. By avoiding distractions, you might just find that your day ends a little earlier and a little prouder than on previous days. You might actually enjoy more free time! And that’s all we really want more of, right?

Today’s Resolution: Learn a Savvy New Skill

Everyone has friends that have a skill they’re envious of, whether it’s knowing how to fix a toilet, play a ukelele, or whistle with a blade of grass. You probably have several skills that other people look to you for guidance about. Today your resolution is to learn a new skill. Preferably, ask somebody to teach you how it is that they do what they do. If not, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to go around.

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