Today’s Resolution: Stay Up Two Hours Past Your Bedtime

When’s the last time you stayed up super late? And what’s your version of late these days? 12am? 2am? 4am? Pulling an all-nighter? When’s the last time you really added a few extra hours into your day? Was it college? Was it this past New Year’s eve? Tonight is your night. If you’ve got kids, keep them up late too and plan accordingly, because I’ll give a little hint as to tomorrow’s resolution: it involves sleeping in.

So grab a late dinner, drink coffee until 9pm, pop popcorn, throw in your favorite video game, movie, or art project. It’s all good, you’re in it for the long haul!

Ideas for things to do in the wee hours of the morning on a Saturday night:

  • Go out with friends and plan a late night on the town
  • Watch Saturday Night Live, (and all those other shows)
  • Read the latest Life or Depth email at midnight
  • Go see a midnight movie at a theater close by
  • Catch up on some shows you DVR’d
  • Spend sometime with a loved one… in bed… not sleeping!

What will you do? Bonus point for anyone who stays up to watch the sun rise, but not required. Let me know your plans in the comments.