Today’s Resolution: Grocery Shop Like a European

In many parts of Europe, (I’m making this up from heresy as I go along), folks don’t just go around spending $200 a week on groceries and then wasting half of it every seven days. No, instead they go shopping for food as they need it. Less food is wasted, and ingredients are a heck of a lot fresher. Today, instead of sticking with your usual dinner routine, take a trip to your local grocer or farmers market with one meal in mind: dinner. Shop for only, and exactly, what you plan on cooking for dinner.

It’s too cold for farmers markets here in Rhode Island so I’m pumped to do some dinner detail in Tom’s Market in Warren, RI. Oh the cheeses, the fresh meats, the Venda Ravioli frozen pastas! I’m excited.

Update: Gorgonzola Raviolis… Must Be In Italy!