Today’s Resolution: Don’t Watch the News

Watching the news is no different than reality television, it’s the ultimate reality television. Except, when you’re done watching the news you usually feel angry, sad, nervous or otherwise unpleasant. Because honestly, the world is not a positive place and hearing about local shootings, homes being robbed for Christmas and whatever hocus pocus your local politician is up to will do you no good in the mental health department.

You’ll worry, you’ll get angry, you’ll rant on Facebook, and while nothing will have changed in your own personal world (your mom still loves you, you still have a job, your favorite show is still on tonight, you’re still hanging out with your best friend tomorrow), you’re suddenly in a crap mood for no reason.

For example, you might hear about an airplane crash and now you’re suddenly nervous about your vacation. Or, you see that there was a break-in in the town next to you, and you suddenly scared to be alone in your own home.

The news makes you worry, and worrying doesn’t predict, help, or solve anything. Let’s remember that news is, on most channels, entertainment. If you really want to know the real news of the world, go out and be a part of it.

But for today, do yourself a favor and forget the news. Read a book, take a nap, or take up a new hobby instead. You can always pick back up where you left off tomorrow and not much will have changed.

Update: Complete!