Today’s Resolution: Donate Your Extra Clothes

There’s a plethora of places that want your old clothes. Maybe you got skinnier, or maybe you chubbed up over the holidays like I did. I know that you think you’re going to want to wear those clothes again when you lose the weight, but the truth is that you’re gonna want new clothes to show off your bodacious bod. And if you lost weight and are currently saving your fat clothes, for ***** sake, donate them already!

Here are a few quick links to places that’ll gladly take clothes off your hands. Unfortunately, I’ve heard that using the Salvation Army pick-up service and donating to Goodwill often means having your clothes sold to bigger businesses who turn your clothes into rags and profit. So I’d recommend donating to your local shelters, community centers first if you’re able. They’ll surely donate any excess that they can’t use. Here are a couple alternatives:

And if you want to share some of your own favorite charities, you’re totally welcome to do so in the comments.