Today’s Resolution: Tell The Truth

You know what? That “the truth shall set you free” nonsense isn’t always true. Sometimes the truth hurts people. So let’s be clear about today’s resolution. Tell the truth about the things that matter. For example:

  • Don’t make excuses for being late to work.
  • Don’t tell someone you like their perfume when you don’t.
  • Don’t tell someone you’ll hang out with them “soon” when you have no intention of doing so.
  • Don’t pretend to like (or dislike) anyone you don’t.
  • Don’t tell people what they want to hear.
  • Don’t lie to yourself about how many calories you ate.

You get the idea. When someone asks “does my butt look fat in this dress,” don’t say yes. But when someone asks you why you were late to work, apologize and admit you slept in.