Today’s Resolution: Send a Birthday Card

It’s so easy to post a “happy birthday” on Facebook and through text message, and so hard to buy a paper card and write it down, stamp it, and put it in the mail. I admit it. That’s why this is such a great resolution. And if you don’t know anyone with a birthday coming up immediately, use something like  TinyPrints to schedule real paper cards to send to a friend or family member when the date arrives!

Status: Complete!

Today’s Resolution: Tell The Truth

You know what? That “the truth shall set you free” nonsense isn’t always true. Sometimes the truth hurts people. So let’s be clear about today’s resolution. Tell the truth about the things that matter. For example:

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Today’s Resolution: Drink a Glass of Fancy Red Wine

You know what they say, a glass of red wine will make your heart beat longer, and if Patrick’s 97-year old grandmother has anything to say about it (as she often does), it’s definitely working for her.

Today your goal (if you drink alcohol) is to drink a glass of fancy wine. Now, fancy to you and fancy to us mean two different things.  So use your own definition.

I already know what we’ll be drinking… 2007 Eaglepoint Ranch Petite Syrah from JC Cellars in Oakland, CA. I’ll tell you why, later.

How about you? Have a favorite wine to share? Let us know in the comments.

Status: Complete!


Today’s Resolution: Thank Your Mailperson

Today is national “thank a mailman day” (if you believe what the internet tells you). I don’t know about you but I’ve always been pretty impressed with the mailpeople that I’ve encountered in the various places that I’ve lived, and that commercial that they ran after September 11th, while they were dealing with anthrax threats and all that, still vowed, “We are mothers and fathers. And sons and daughters. Who every day go about our lives with duty, honor and pride. And neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, nor the winds of change, nor a nation challenged, will stay us from the swift completion of our appointed rounds. Ever.”

And I feel like every mailman or mailwoman I’ve encountered is pretty awesome and lives by this. I mean, when’s the last time you didn’t get your mail on a Monday-Saturday? Even during a snowstorm?

When I was young, I lived out in the sticks of Massachusetts. The mailman I grew up with didn’t walk to each house in those blue short-shorts or anything, because it would have taken him all day to deliver to one neighborhood, since the houses were so far apart. However, one thing I always liked (even as a kid, cause I sent letters often) is that he would always pay your postage, even if you didn’t use enough stamps. He’d leave a little note to let you know, but he never left it in your box. The mail always got where it was supposed to go.

Patrick’s old mailman was walker. He parks somewhere around the neighborhood and hand-delivers the mail to everyone’s mailboxes, which in his old neighborhood, are affixed to the sides of their houses. You have to wonder when the Post Office will require people to cut the mailpeople some slack and throw a mailbox on the curb, but until then he’s out there walking door to door.

So, you know the drill. Today’s resolution is to thank your mailman. If you’re not around during the day to catch him, maybe leave him a note, a bag of cookies, a coffee gift card or something else that’s nice.  A thank-you post-it is fine! They can’t accept cash or booze, so stick so the simple tokens of gratitude.

Happy card-making!

– Amanda

Today’s Resolution: Learn Something New

You’re surrounded by people who know more than you about tons of things, based on their own life experience, and vice versa. Today, seek out new information. For example, yesterday I learned that the colors of those little tags of bread represent the day of week that the bread was baked. I mean, how much more information can a person possibly digest in single day?

And don’t forget to tell us what you learned, right here back on the blog!

Three cheers for thinking caps!

– Amanda

Status: Complete!

Today’s Resolution: Try a New Delicious Recipe

Ah food, my favorite subject. I know it’s football season here in the US, so it’s the perfect time to test out that new wing recipe you’ve had your eye on (we have a kick-butt rootbeer wing recipe over here). And if you’re not into sports, or are in any other part of the world, that’s cool too because there are about a hundred billion other recipes out there for you to try.

But let’s start somewhere, shall we? I’m partial to these sites, which are always making me drool:

Pinterest –  the food boards! – tasty and healthy?

Tastespotting – visual inspiration!

Summer Tomato – fun recipes out of the ordinary!

The 99-Cent Chef – on a budget? look no further!

Need more? Want to share a favorite?

Get commenting then! And don’t forget to post your photos to our Facebook page!

Best o’ luck,


Today’s Resolution: Play With Your Food

Image source: Furryscaly on Flickr

Playing with your food is fun, but decorating your food is even more exquisite. The lost art of the banana tattoo almost got away from us there, but I’m here to bring it back! So, did you know that you can design your own banana just by shaving into it with a sharp object (exact knife, scalpel, whatever)? The usual air-browning occurs and suddenly you’ve got a little piece of banana art! If you don’t have a banana, feel free to… ah… construct a temple from an apple or something.

Complete: Hello Little Orange Man-Turtle


Today’s Resolution: Empty Your Cupboards and Create 3 Future Meals

We waste a lot of food here in the United States. As a population, we over-shop, over-consume, and we waste like crazy. When you shop in bulk, you often forget exactly what you have in your cabinets and often end up buying even more of it the next time you shop!

So today your goal is to make due with what you have. You don’t need to eat three cupboard meals today, you simply need to come up with three for future consumption.

If you ever worked your way through college, you’re probably familiar with cupboard meals; Ramen and hotdogs start to sound pretty gourmet! So get creative, you’ll be surprised what you find.

Today might also be a good day for you to create your grocery list for you next shopping trip, taking into account all of the ingredients you might have just discovered. Be sure to share your creations in the comments! We’ll be sharing ours!

#26 COMPLETE: Sauerkraut, Chicken and Rootbeer Wings

Today’s Resolution: Give into a Guilty Pleasure

If you died tomorrow, would you be upset that you stuffed your face with a jelly doughnut today? I think not. We all have guilty pleasures, whether it’s watching reality tv shows, taking naps, eating chocolate ice cream, playing bad video games, or drawing moustaches on pretty women in magazines.

Today don’t worry about calories, whether or not TV fries your brain, or what anyone thinks. Do what makes you happy. And if it’s healthy, then keep it up.


Today’s Resolution: Do That Thing You’ve Been Meaning To Do

Yesterday’s resolution was to take a brain dump. And I don’t know what it is that you’ve been putting off, but I’ve got a mental list of things piled up on my brain that are taking up waaaay too much space. Today’s easy: do that thing you’ve been meaning to do. And if you’ve got a couple things, feel free to get a gold star by doing those things too.

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