Today’s Resolution: Pass the Word

Passwords are a necessary evil to unlock access to countless accounts we use daily. We are reminded to use passwords that are not too personal (birthdates or children’s names) and cautioned not to re-use the same password for multiple accounts. Some accounts require passwords be changed every 30 -60 days. This can be an annoyance. Resetting passwords is likely to add even more confusion over trying to keep it all straight. Writing passwords down has its own set of problems too, as you don’t want the compilation to wind up in the wrong hands.

Keep some core words or phrases consistent but not exactly the same. Have a theme. Use key numbers and symbols if you need to include these. When you write them down, use cryptic abbreviations that only you can decipher for the type of account the password is for. And don’t use “Password” or “User 123” for accounts.