Today’s Resolution: Answer the Question “Will It Blend?”

Today's Resolution: Answer the Question “Will It Blend?”

There is a series of YouTube videos that has made its mark with the title, “Will It Blend?” and experiments each segment with throwing random items into an ultra-hardcore blender to see how well things will blend. How often do we really use a blender for anything anymore?  We rely on others to do the “blending.”  A popular refreshment that we allow others to blend for us is the smoothie. They range in flavors, sizes, and prices. As accessible as they might be, it is even more convenient and inexpensive to make your own at home. There’s no magic or cost involved. Experiment with flavors. Often you can take what is readily available (bananas, yogurt, ad handful of berries, and some ice) and create a sweet smoothie that is healthy and easy to make. Straw not included.