Blog: Resolutions


In our resolutions blog, we’ll be posting a daily resolution. Most will require no expenses and will be able to be completed at a moments notice (as in, we won’t ask you to fly to Japan tomorrow) but we might ask you to plan a hypothetical trip there.



Today’s Resolution: Be a Good Sport

Resolve to try a new sport or activity…something you have never tried before. Find a friend to try it with you or better yet, ask someone to teach you something. Want to get some aggression out? Try a golf driving range or even a shooting range. Water sports more your style? Yoga boarding blends the best of two sports for a meditative balancing effort to remain dry. Rock climbing, lawn bowling, fishing? Need something a little more tame?  There’s always BINGO.

Today’s Resolution: Decide on Paper or Plastic

Today's Resolution: Decide on Paper or PlasticIn recent years there has been much conversation about the consumer use of paper or plastic in groce...

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Today’s Resolution: Stay Tuned Up

Spend some time reviewing your music portfolio. iPods, mp3 players, phones, PCs…wherever you house...

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Today’s Resolution: Endeavor To Market, To Market!

Local farmers’ markets are growing across the US. Many people are under the impression that these ...

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Today’s Resolution: Copy Right

Although we live in an age where reproductions and copies are commonplace, have you considered wheth...

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Today’s Resolution: Get to Know Yourself

With the revitalized interest in genealogy brought to the public’s doorstep by popular websites su...

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Today’s Resolution: Be a Yankee Doodle

Do you know the answers to “What was the name of the boundary that separated the Middle Colonies f...

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