Why We Love the Philips goLight Blu / Light Therapy

Philips goLight BLU is a little device that was recommended to me first by a friend and then by my doctor when I started chatting with him about Vitamin D and how rotten and gloomy winters are here in New England. This darkness at 3pm is for the birds. Light Therapy is clinically proven to work as an incredibly effective method of jazzing up those of us with a serious lack of vitamin D for 8 months out of the year.

“goLITE BLU energy light produces a particular kind of pure blue light that occurs naturally on very sunny, clear days. Special receptors in the eyes absorb this blue light which makes you feel energetic whenever you need it.” – via Amazon

So basically it’s great for when you wake up in the morning, or when you first get to work. It has an alarm clock, so you can set it to turn on at the same time every day. Fifteen minutes is all you need, but you can go longer. Personally I think this thing works great and has made a solid difference in the winter drab, but you really do need to use it every day to keep getting the effects.

It’s on the pricy side, but the reason why I tend to shop with Amazon [affiliate link] is because they call for UPS to come pick up anything that I want to return. So really, it’s easier than buying in the store and returning it there. Also, I haven’t seen it cheaper anywhere else.

By the way, also it would be easy to give all of this week’s life-changing cred to Skyrim, a horribly addicting video game that we both tried out for Saturday’s resolution. But I’m thinking that it’s not the best example because it’s still up in the air as to whether this was a change for the better.

So tell me your thoughts on the Philips goLight. Do you have one? Have you seen them cheaper anywhere? Let’s chat because I’d love to talk to someone else who uses it or wants to.

As always, this review is unbiased, unsolicited, and nobody asked us to write it.