Why We Love The Foodzie Tasting Box

If you love food, you might love the Foodzie Tasting Box almost as much as we do. See, Foodzie used to be a wonderful marketplace for artisan food-makers to sell their goodies. The model was pretty much exactly like Etsy, except for food.

Well, I have no idea what happened to the big marketplace they used to have, if they ran into some kind of FDA issues with people selling their food-goodies, or if it just wasn’t profitable enough for them… but they’re now focusing their efforts exclusively on my favorite service of theirs – the Foodzie Tasting Box.

For $30 bucks a month, you get a subscription that warrants you a box of unique tasty treats from all over the country. One time I got this amazing “hot chocolate on a stick” and it blew my damn mind. The box is admittedly a luxury because thirty bucks a month is a lot to spend on random treats that you may or may not like. For me it’s worth it, because I’m usually pretty excited by what arrives. It’s my favorite monthly package.

So, if you like to try new treats and want to support small independent food-makers, check it out.

And let me know if you’ve tried it/love it too,