#10 COMPLETE: Unwound With a Coconut & Contact

Resolution #10 of 366: Wrap Up Early and Unwind

Maybe it’s some kind of sign that despite being on an island in the caribbean, I chose to unwind by brutally cracking that coconut I bought a couple days ago. Feeling all superwoman, armed with a YouTube tutorial and a corkscrew, I had at it. Unfortunately, a few accidental stabbings later, Patrick took a minute from his book (how he chose to unwind) and helped me out. Then we drained it and I smashed the crap out of it with a grill flipper and cracked that baby open. The coconut then got chopped up and went directly into my Rum & Coke. Patrick finished his book (Contact, by the way) and I did some night swimming. 

We also happened to be playing with all the filters on our new Sony NEX-5N at the time, so pardon the eccentricity of color.