#3 COMPLETE: Kept Our Mouths Shut for a Whole Day!

Wow, what a shamefully hard resolution, and I know I wasn’t the only one who felt that way because I got tweets, emails and Facebook posts from lot of people saying the same. Is it really that hard to not get mad, and then express it, for one day? It always feels good to be more positive though, and hope you guys got a little out of that too.

So the photo above is what happens to Patrick the first time he breaks his resolution and starts making fun of someone by giving them a british valley girl accent, as he often does.

I’d say it was probably harder for him than it was for me today, but I did throw out a lot of f-bombs at WordPress, Hootsuite, UPS, AirBnB, SallieMae and every other website that didn’t work as quickly as I needed it to today. Technically, I don’t think I hurt anyone’s feelings but I did try to start rational out-loud conversations like, “Dear WordPress, sorry for calling you a ******’ **** *******. I’d love it if you would stop ******* stalling every time I try to upload a ******** image…… Oh, I’m sorry I wasn’t clear with you that first time, well that’s OK, if you could just…. [insert long string of swear words]. Wow, potty mouth, huh? It’s cool, I work from home.

In honesty, I’m a pretty positive person deep down, but I’m definitely impatient and sometimes at a lack of works that don’t start with F, A or S.  Patrick is a lot more patient; Just as long as he can give people accents and make up fake conversations between him and them about things like eating cupcakes, listening to bad music, and their lack of knowledge about American history.