#2 COMPLETE: Turned Off the Phone… Just Kidding.

You might call this resolution self-serving because I simply hate answering the phone. As a digital native, I’ve booked entire cross-country road trips on the Internet. I’ve gotten jobs and other paid work through email correspondence and Twitter. Shoot, I’ve never even talked to my new beloved editor over at BuzzFarmers on the phone which is a damn shame because she rocks.

Call it social anxiety, or simply the anxiety of dead air, I just hate the telephone… almost as I much as I hate excessively long text messages… which are generally my only reason for picking up the phone…. to avoid the continuation of texts…which are usually from my mom…because she apparently hates email as much as I hate the telephone.

So in any case, I answered my phone all day today except when it died… and nothing bad happened. However, it was not on purpose that this resolution was scheduled on a national holiday, I promise. I even tried to make outgoing calls, but apparently everyone other than me got the day off today. Damn you, self-employment. I did however, do a teensy bit of day-drinking today and “watched” Star Wars in the background for six hours. So… cheers!

Love, Amanda (and Patrick, who had no trouble with this resolution because he’s a “Chatty Cathy” anyway).