#6 COMPLETE: Read a Little & Read a Lot

When I was a kid, I was what you’d call a “bookworm”. Then at some point in my sixth-grade infinite wisdom, I decided that reading books was uncool (as was getting good grades, listening to my elders, and wearing dresses).

Sometime in college when it became apparent that brains were cool again, I decided that I’d rather experience the world than read about adventures in a book. And I did, and I still do. But I also decided that it was a hell of a lot more fun to write my own stories, poo-poo on the rules of grammar, and all that hipster-hating crap you go through when you are, in fact, also a “hipster”.

Thankfully(?) my degree in Interactive Media Design drum-rolled me into the position of Managing Editor at a publishing company (yes, there were a few steps in between). Since then, I’ve been writing about 2,000 words every day (or more if there’s copywriting involved) even now that I’ve moved on to running BuzzFarmers.

So here I am,  a writer who rarely sits down to read a book and wants to assault every person who asks me if I “read the book” every time a new movie comes out. And I don’t think it’s some kind of rule that as a writer or professional blogger I need to consume a book a week. Oh you’re a writer? You must read tons of books. Nope.  I write and edit for at least ten hours every day, so “sitting down with a good book” the opposite of what I consider a good time. I read all day long, isn’t that enough?

Patrick and I could argue about this for hours. By the way, he read Contact, and is reading it again as I write this.

So today as I tried to conform to the norm by “sitting down with a good book”, I choose Tina Fey’s Bossypants because I heard everyone gets a lot of ha-ha’s out of it and I figured that an hour of omg-I-can-totally-relate-to-that humor would be cheap and easy. And it was; funny, not relatable.

I got 25% of the way through the book according to the Kindle, so it must be a short book. In any case, I laughed, I enjoyed, and maybe I’ll finish it on my flight next Thursday. Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll be coming out with a Bossypants movie anytime soon, but yes, I read the book.