#30 Complete: Practiced Penmanship With a 6-Page Letter

Resolution: Work on Your Penmanship

I’m lucky to have, and to have had, some of the greatest grandparents there are. My gram on my mom’s side liked to take me on little adventures when I was younger, like taking skiing lessons, and if I recall correctly, even to a farm where they were milking cows! And my grandfather on my mom’s side? He’s the jolliest, funniest old guy you’ll ever meet, who lives every day like it’s his last. He’s a ball-buster and a haggler, and he believes in real butter and real suger over artificial crap. I’m so proud to call these two my full-blooded grandparents and I’m so lucky to still have them both in my life.

On my father’s side, I’ve been just as lucky. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed when I was in highschool and my gram soon after.

For today’s resolution, I wrote a 6-page letter to my gram, who was the rock of our giant MacArthur family. Living nearby, all of my fondest childhood memories took place at her house, on her porch, and in her backyard. She always had a bowl of fruit out for “snacking”, always make me drink my milk (until we discovered I was lactose intolerant), made the best bread and butter sandwiches, and when I wanted to make pirate-esque letters and bury them in the basement, she showed me that using matches to burn the edges was not only unsafe, it was unrealistic. We used tea to stain the paper instead. She was a loving, selfless lady who took care of everyone and I miss her every day.

So that’s why I thought a letter was appropriate. I mean, she’s missed so much in these few years. I had to tell her that I’m engaged, and about my adventures across the country, and all about my crazy career, and most importantly that I miss her, and love her and that I’ll see her in another life and to thank her for making me feel loved.

So I did, and my penmanship looks like it was written by six different people throughout the course of the letter, so I’m not entirely sure which is mine. But I’m glad that I chose to be more elaborate with this one.