#9 COMPLETE: Free Drinks and an Expensive Candle

Car bombs!

Resolution #9 of 366: Make a New Friend

Oh hello, welcome to the land of social butterflies, where Patrick and Amanda make new friends all day long and even end up getting rounds and rounds of drinks for themselves.

First of all, if you want good luck, hang out with us, because we’ve been known to win cashloads at the casino and today we’re going to pretend to take credit for our new friend winning $2700 right next to us at the bar. Lots of free drinks followed and Patrick is a mighty champ for accepting car bombs while I sipped on pineapple-filled girly drinks.

Car bombs!

1pm car bombs all around!

Next, if you want to buy goodies from St. Thomas, buy them online. We thought we made a new friend, Jason Budsan of Caribbean Herbals (no, not those kind). He graduated from Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island so he got to ask us about all kinds of his old haunts and we got to shoot him down over and over with “I think that closed” and “no, I think that’s XXXXX bar now”. We joked about the mafia and he and Patrick bro’d it up while I sniffed mango candles.

And cause we were all such jolly great friends now, I bought, literally, the biggest candle he had. I don’t even know how I’m going to fly home with it. So we’re all “yay we made a new friend early today” and when we got back I decided to check out his website. But to my shock and awe (dramatization), that SOB up-charged me! Why I never!

So today we made a nice friend who bought us lots of drinks, and we also made a fair-weather friend. Effing New Englanders.