#90 Complete: Made Spectacles of Ourselves

Resolution: Pretend You’re a Reality TV Star That Needs to Improve Their Ratings

In honor of today’s resolution, a good friend of mine joined us for a full-day excursion of taste-sampling. To be honest, we do this on regular days too, not just when our resolution is to “increase our ratings”. So, in a day packed full of events, we started our day eating fried waffles in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. From there we decided that we needed bubble tea and drove to Newport, Rhode Island. In Newport, we had lavish, R-rated conversations (loudly) as if we were hosting our own talkshow. From there, Patrick walked to the barber for a haircut while my friend and I got pedicures (they always do that on reality shows, don’t they?). From there we got cupcakes, and headed to a superfoods restaurant down the street. We sneakily filled our pockets with Blue Agave syrup packets and honey straws from the condiment station and landed back at the mothership for dinner. This is where the reality show turned cooking show, where I whipped up marinated steak tips and the best clam chowder on planet earth. For a moment, I was Martha Stewart.

We ended our day with some exit interviews and a bottle of pepto bismol.