#5 COMPLETE: “Saved” a Hermit Crab, and Other Tales

Today we did our best. Being in an airport and on a plane for half the day isn’t the most pleasant place to act like a superhero because any action you make to help someone ends up having you look more like a suspected terrorist or drug smuggler than a superhero. I saw a french woman get pat down and mildly violated for 10 minutes before deciding that touching other people’s things was probably a bad idea. Logan security was top notch today.

So instead we were superheroes in less obvious ways.

Patrick made sure I woke up and got to the airport on time, he remembered everything I would have forgotten, like checking into JetBlue early, cellphone chargers, and bringing an inconspicuous bag for our new Sony NEX 5-N so that we didn’t get robbed (because in St. Thomas that actually happens). BAM, superhero cred.

And me, well I saved a hermit crab from the hypothetical death that would have ensued if someone had stepped on him like I almost did. I named him Harry, brought him inside and fed him peanuts and corn on the cob. Until we leave, he’s living the glamorous life in our giant indoor/outdoor shower, complete with palm trees, plants, and tree frogs. So I superhero’d him, although some might consider it crab-napping. Tomato, tomahhhto.

Harry trying on my sunglasses

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