#82 Complete: Bought Patrick a Bottle of Winter Woods

Resolution: Buy Someone a Gift

After a good day and some rockin’ March weather, we decided that we were going to hang out, have a fire, do up the grill and relax outside. The warm weather told me that I needed Sangria, so I made a trip to the liquor store for some ingredients. There I came across a treasure chest of craft beers that I decided would be a nice little gift to bring home for Patrick.

In the cooler, the last one in it’s slot, was a big bottle of Winter Woods. The fact that it was brewed in Nantucket caught my eye and then the “ale ages in french oak wine barrels” had me sold. Pat loves wine, so a mixture of wine and beer sounded awesome. I got my Sangria ingredients, got a little bottle shocked by the $16 beer pricetag for a second, and hurried home with my surprise.

First reactions? AWESOME! Tasting reactions? “Oh, no, this isn’t for me”. It was a little tart for his tastes. However, he’s a champ so he drank it anyway and decided he really liked it halfway through the bottle.