#61 Complete: Kicked The Crap Out of Today

Resolution: Give It All You’ve Got

All I have to say is F*** YEAH!

It’s only 5:40pm and I’ve already been able to accomplish more “life” work than I have in the last three months.

With work being so demanding, things like planning our wedding are about three months behind. With everyone’s opinions (you won’t make any money! nobody will come! you’re being selfish! why can’t you just have a normal wedding!) working against our “destination wedding”, our minds have been too heavy to come together and choose where we want to do it, other than knowing we want it in Napa Valley (for reasons no one else will understand until they get there) and we wanted it on 12/12/12 (since we got engaged on 11/11/11).

Today we FINALLY chose our venue. The one we’d wanted from the start took a backseat for a while because they were already booked for 12/12. So we’ve spent all this time trying to find a new venue and today just decided to compromise on the date instead. After eliminating that obstacle, it was like the skies opened up. We checked with the vineyard & winery and they’re available. So hurrah. Life just got about 50% better.

Not only that, but Patrick had some personal family duties of his own to perform today and went to action calling people, making appointments and other things necessary to the situation at hand. He kicked butt.

All in all, I’d say we definitely gave today everything we’ve got. We finally took a day off to get our “life” affairs in order and suddenly everything is looking a heck of a lot brighter. Gotta take time out for this stuff more often. Now it’s almost 6pm and we’re eating dinner. Before 9pm. What a day.

Wine break.