#59 Complete: Loved and Bid Farewell

Resolution: Love Where You Live

Despite the occasional mice and fist-sized spiders, Patrick and I’s first place together is pretty rad. Sadly though, we’ve been mad at it since the summer because we live on a beautiful, peaceful lake and we’ve worked too hard to appreciate it. We thought, “well, since we work so much, we should live somewhere relaxing”. True, somewhat.

Don’t get us wrong. We love the work we do. Like, LOVE it. But you know, it takes up a lot of time running a business. That means less swimming, fishing, and fancy parties.

So anyway, it might look like it’d be easy to “love where you live” when you live on the water, but there’s a sadness when you haven’t used it to it’s full potential.

The point is, we’re moving now. Saving for a destination wedding and planning an elaborate honeymoon means we’re gonna nomad it out for a little while to get everything in order. We’re anti-credit card, so while other couples might throw it on the plastic, we’re determined to pay cash. Luxury sacrifices for a lack of future debt sounds pretty good.

Coincidentally, our landlord was showing our apartment for the first time to people today, so we really got to thinking hard about how we won’t be living here much longer. All the cleaning, throwing-away, and donating we’ve been doing to empty the house out in preparation for eventual moving out finally hit us. We’re really gonna miss this place.

And thus, we love where we live.