#152 Complete: Went House Shopping

Today’s Resolution: Pretend-Shop for Your Dream House

So you know, whatever… we took this one to the extreme today by actually meeting with a real estate agent and checking out some houses. I fell madly in love with one in Lecanto, FL. It was all newly painted, had two rooms for separate offices, a sweet guest bedroom, three bathrooms, and a giant freaking indoor pool in the middle of it that you can see from almost every room. Oh yeah, and the kitchen windows open to the pool.

And yeah that was pretty much my dream house today. We decided that the only thing that could have made it better was a little more room on the sides of the house for a wee bit more privacy. Also a fence for Napa, but we could put one of those in. Ohhh and the pool was all tile which means Napa could swim as much as he wanted to.

Obviously we’re having too much fun down here.