#145 Complete: Tried a New Route, Felt Like We Were on LOST

Today’s Resolution: Drive a New Route Home

Since we arrived in the south, we’ve been explorers. We’ve been eating everywhere and seeing everything. Our ride home, however, usually ends at our street where we drive straight to the house we’re renting. Patrick’s idea for this resolution was to keep driving past our street because we thought that maybe there would be some new hidden restaurants (there are so many awesome ones down here).

Well, we were wrong. About 30 seconds past our street is a scary dead end that leads directly into the water. And the surrounding streets are just as spooky; mostly littered with dead ends and giant tropical trees, plants and noises. We really thought we were dropped right into the set of LOST.

So we probably won’t be heading that way again but we did give imaginary high-fives to Hurley, Jack and Sawyer while we were in the jungle hunting for polar bears.