#102 Complete: Public Speaking Nightmare # 2974734951

Today’s Resolution: Do Something That Terrifies You

Even though I do it often and get praised each time that I do it, public speaking is still pretty terrifying. You’d never know it once I start speaking, but the days and minutes leading up to those hours at the podium make me restless, and until recently I thought I was the only one until a well-known speaker told me that he’s just as terrified as the rest of us. Public speaking is something like the #1 most feared thing to do, and for me, I’d be nervous if I was at a podium talking about my favorite color, so presenting for three, to five, to eight hours takes some time preparing your nerves for the adrenaline.

In any case, I talked social media at the Mequoda Summit for the something-th time today, and as usual, once I got started I couldn’t shut up.