Today’s Resolution: Go Looney for Toons

When was the last time you watched a cartoon? Family Guy or The Simpsons doesn’t count for this one. Spend a few minutes finding a children’s cartoon and really watching it. Look for something classic: Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, or Popeye. You’ll be surprised at how many of these can be aimed at adults in subtle ways through clever word play or intelligent jokes. You don’t need children in the room to get something from a cartoon. It’s no accident there are more and more cartoons targeting adult audiences. Enjoy a few minutes of brainless time…or is it?

Image Source: LaserGuided on Flickr

Today’s Resolution: Celebrate a Birthday

Every day is someone’s birthday. In honor of that, celebrate by treating yourself to a cupcake or slice of cake. There are many bakeries that specialize in just cupcakes and cakes, and there are even television shows devoted to the delectable confections. If gourmet and designer cakes are beyond your budget or taste, bake your own and decorate as elaborately as you can. Out to lunch or dinner? Tell the server it is your birthday and you may be treated to a complimentary dessert! Caution: You may be surrounded by a swarm of staff singing “Happy Birthday!” to you!

Today’s Resolution: Fold Some Magic

Add some challenge and fun to folding towels by creating origami style animals. While origami is traditionally done with paper, hotels sometimes will present origami towels created in the shapes of dogs and other critters to amuse guests. For some interesting results, check out There are many sites offering step by step instructions and videos. They make a great touch for a gift (beach towel with a beach bag filled with goodies). You may need to practice first. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Source: MinneMom on Flickr

Today’s Resolution: Wash in Cold

Be gentle with your clothes the next time you send them through the wash cycle; use cold water. Warm or hot water tends to fade items more quickly and can be more costly. For heavily soiled items, you can soak them first and rinse under water before putting them in with the load. Not convinced? Try it and see if you can tell the difference.

Today’s Resolution: Engage in Pillow Talk

One of the niceties of going on vacation is indulging in luxuries you might not normally get to enjoy. Even something as simple as complimentary soaps and shampoo can be enough to make you feel special. Consider adding that same kind of special touch the next time you have an overnight guest by placing a few chocolates or other candies on their pillow. Add a note: “We’re so glad you came!” No overnight guests? Extend the gesture to your spouse, children, or significant other. The effect will go far when they are not expecting it.

Image source: This cute pillow set by restintheword on Etsy