#42 Complete: Got Lost, Multiple Times

Resolution: Go Left When You Should Go Right

The truth is that it snowed and was fa-reezing out, so we had to complete this one a day late. To make up for it we got lost twice instead. First, we went hiking in the blistering cold. We forgot the map, we followed trails, chose different ones on a whim, and tried our best to get lost. And we did, but not lost enough. So to make it more fun, we got lost in the car too, deep in the backwoods of RI. Honestly, it was pretty great. We saw some giant, ridiculous houses with indoor swimming pools and five-car garages.

It led to a discussion about what we’d have done if we were the Rhode Islander who won the Powerball. Personally I’d pay off my absurd student loan bills that cost more than my rent, and then just be happy to be working to put money in my own pocket, not those scoundrels at Sallie Mae. From there I’d start a group home and just be happy doing that for the rest of my life. And traveling, lots of that.

Pat decided he’d take out a little, buy us a house, get us traveling the world, and throw the rest in investments.

Obviously we’d do the usual.. take care of anyone who’s ever taken care of us, donate to a cancer foundation, etc. But mostly, we’d just keep on’ keepin’ on.

I’m sure everyone says that, but I’d rather cut my right arm off than carry a designer handbag so I honestly don’t know how I’d spend it. Traveling and really good health insurance, those are my top two.