Calling us product-experimenters is an understatement. We adore thinkers and do’ers like Tim Ferriss who are willing to test and try everything. So when we try a tea, healthy recipe, supplement or even a new meditation app that kicked our day in the pants, we’ll be sharing it here.



Why We Love Vega

You try to eat well. You include vegetables in your diet. But somehow, you just don’t get enough. We’ve been trying for the past year to eat healthier and it’s been a real struggle for us. In fact, I just fessed up the other day about taking a secret ride to Taco Bell. Fortunately, we did discover […]

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Why We Love California Poppy Extract

In the past year, the one thing that we’ve tried out and have recommended to everyone we know [...]

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Why We Love Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body

Look, I’m gonna post an affiliate link here, but you can probably tell from the missing book j[...]

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