Today’s Resolution: Eat a Vegetable

Nobody has more trouble eating cooked vegetables than I do. Give me a barrel of carrots and broccoli straight out of the garden and I’m good. Try to boil, grill, skewer, casserole, or Crockpot them and I’m like a one-year old trying pickles for the first time. So today’s resolution is to eat a vegetable. Easy for most I’m sure, so to add a little spice to this one, you might go out an discover a new veggie recipe.

In fact, you might just go all out and try to eat as many veggies as the Food Pyramid tells you to (that’s 3-5 servings per day). Also according to the pyramid, this is what’s considered a serving:

  • 1 cup of raw leafy vegetables
  • 1/2 cup of other vegetables, cooked or raw
  • 3/4 cup of vegetable juice

So, you know, do whatever challenges you.

Today’s Resolution: Watch a Movie From Your Childhood

One thing I miss from my childhood was heading to the local drive-in theater to watch a bunch of kick-butt 80’s movies all in a row. Unfortunately, I have it on good authority that Howard the Duck just isn’t as good as we all thought it was back in 1986. Still… it was still pretty rad, right? That chick from Caroline in the City was all “…oh Duckie…” and Howard was all, “…on my planet, we never say die, we say… NOT MY SHORTS!”

Good laughs all around.

So today your goal is to catch up on an old flick. You might be able to find it online using Netflix (they have a 1-month free trial) or Hulu, or even looking in the catalog of On-Demand movies that comes with your cable package. And then there’s always your local RedBox or Video Store.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with The Goonies, An American Tale, Fuzz Bucket, The Quest, My Girl, and Howard the Duck, just to name a few. Oddly enough, I was even so enthralled by Stephen King’s IT so much that I tried to dictate the entire 3-hour movie once entirely from memory. Patrick’s faves were The Goonies, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Home Alone, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and The Toy. So needless to say, it should be a good, fun, nostalgic day!

Today’s Resolution: Don’t Watch the News

Watching the news is no different than reality television, it’s the ultimate reality television. Except, when you’re done watching the news you usually feel angry, sad, nervous or otherwise unpleasant. Because honestly, the world is not a positive place and hearing about local shootings, homes being robbed for Christmas and whatever hocus pocus your local politician is up to will do you no good in the mental health department.

You’ll worry, you’ll get angry, you’ll rant on Facebook, and while nothing will have changed in your own personal world (your mom still loves you, you still have a job, your favorite show is still on tonight, you’re still hanging out with your best friend tomorrow), you’re suddenly in a crap mood for no reason.

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Today’s Resolution: Remember Everyone’s Birthdays

Facebook makes it way too easy to remember the birthdays of those you love (and some that you don’t). The trouble with technology is that sometimes you get behind on using your own brain. So today, write down everyone’s birthday (yes, you can get them on Facebook if you want) and make a mental note.

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Today’s Resolution: Take a Silly Photo of Yourself

You can’t be serious all the time, you know? You gotta hunker down, grow a little humility and tell yourself, “it’s OK to relax and be silly once in a while”. This might seem like a silly resolution in itself, but judging by overload of boob and ab shots on Facebook, it’s definitely about time we all got a little sillier and stopped worrying about our double chins, crooked teeth, or whatever our personal insecurity is. Be silly, take a photo, and post it for the world to see.

Status: #11 COMPLETE: Spent All Day Taking Stupid Photos

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