Today’s Resolution: Build a London Bridge

In case you didn’t realize, the XXX Olympiad is underway in London, England. Even if you are not a sports enthusiast, it is not tough to recognize this is a significant event dating back to ancient Athens and more of a symbolic gesture of world peace than anything else. A big deal. If you have not been following the Games which started July 27, it’s not too late. Choose a sport, country, or athlete to follow, make predictions about an event, or tune in to for an overview of everything. If you have been glued to the action, wear the colors of the country you are pulling for today!

Image source: the*roving*sheep on Flickr

Today’s Resolution: Get an Appraisal

Today's Resolution: Get an Appraisal

It is amazing how popular shows that highlight cleaning out sheds, storage units, and homes have become. The premise feeds upon the idea that “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” However, with the help of online auctions, that saying is quickly transforming to “one man’s treasure is also a treasure to many!”

The next time you clean out that attic, garage, or closet, sort your items carefully before taking to the dump or donating. Grandma’s Steiff teddy bear or Uncle Al’s Topps baseball cards from the ‘50s might have more than sentimental value attached to them. Check out online guides and auction websites or local antiques/collectibles shops for more information. Ask questions. Research the history of older items. Sometimes being a packrat pays off.

Today’s Resolution: Set a Date

Today's Resolution: Set a Date

Make a time capsule for yourself. Create several long term lists with personal goals. Put the headings on your lists: “6 months from now,” “1 year from now,” 5 years from now,” and “10 years from now.”

Write several realistic goals or achievements you believe you can reach at each of those milestones. Put the lists in an envelope and seal it. Put the envelope in a secure place where you can find it in 10 years.


Today’s Resolution: Travel to a Reader’s Paradise

Today's Resolution: Travel to a Readers Paradise

Classic treasures can be found for free and without a map. Missed Hamlet the first time in 10th grade English class? Looking for the spoils of war outside of the movie Troy and want ALL of the details disclosed in The Iliad? Many people are just beginning to realize that most literary works of merit that are 75 years and older have surpassed their copyright privileges. is one growing website source for free classics. They can often be downloaded for free in a variety of formats and have something for everyone. Would you rather listen to a classic? offers many selections for those who prefer to let someone else do the reading.  Set a goal to revisit a work you never read, but were supposed to. Your English teacher will forgive you.

Today’s Resolution: Get All Laced Up

When we think about our shoes, rarely do we have ideas on how a new set of laces might spruce up our wardrobe. Usually we are on to thinking about that next pair of shoes to buy. There is quite an array of styles and colors available when it comes to lacing up. Old neutral Keds could add pizzazz to a wardrobe with some brightly colored laces.

Children’s sneakers can seem brand new with graphic additions to laces: hearts, dinosaurs, stars, etc. Even just a refresh on a pair currently in use can transform a shoe’s curb appeal. You can purchase them by the dozens so there are plenty of back-ups on hand, a good idea if you are on your feet and on the go!

Today’s Resolution: Join an Over 80 Club

Today's Resolution: Join an over 80 club

Octogenarians and older have a wealth of wisdom to share. These are people who have seen the world change in so many ways over the decades. They grew up during the Great Depression, saw their fathers and uncles go off to fight in WWII, enjoyed Big Band music, and may have witnessed the leadership of over 15 US Presidents!

Spend some time with someone aged 80 years young or older and see what you can learn from him/her. The elderly are a vital part of a community: the sages of today.

Today’s Resolution: Add up Checks and Balances

Today's Resolution: Add Up Checks Balances

Keeping a close eye on your pennies can save you dollars in the long run. Establish a routine and organized method of balancing your checkbook or other bank accounts.

If this is part of your current practice, examine unnecessary monthly fees that may accrue without you realizing it. Does your bank charge you each time you use your ATM card? Can you set up more bills to be paid online to save yourself the cost of a stamp? Even not maintaining a monthly minimum balance can cost you money. Find ways to cut costs without spending anything but a few moments of your time

Today’s Resolution: Assert Your Will Power

Most people don’t think about making a will until they get married, have children, or both. Mortality is not a subject we are very comfortable talking about, but have you done any planning in the event you are no longer around? Talk with family now while you can make your wishes clear. Write down who you would like to have specific personal items so they do not end up in a yard sale.

Don’t feel like you have accumulated enough wealth to be too concerned about a will? Think again. Make an appointment with an attorney to preliminary discuss your concerns and what steps you should follow to put your mind at ease.

Today’s Resolution: Avoid Running on Empty

Today's Resolution: Avoid Running on Empty

Take an inventory of what needs to be restocked in your desk, the pantry, your car, or your drawers. For items that spoil or expire too quickly, pick up extras to have handy. There’s nothing worse than to be in the middle of something to find you have run out of a significant ingredient to complete a task.  Watch for sales and pick u several at once. Common items to survey: tape, laundry detergent, gasoline (for car or for lawn equipment), eggs, toothpaste, shampoo, you get the idea. My personal favorite: chocolate!

Today’s Resolution: Dare to Be Different

Today's Resolution: Dare To Be Different

Resolve to do something out of the ordinary today. Drink your coffee black if you normally do not.  Change your hairstyle. Wear a color you don’t normally wear or one that is not in your wardrobe. Change does not need to be overly dramatic. Take a different route to work or school; take the long way home. Break out of the everyday.

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