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Welcome to Life or Depth! We created this website for ourselves, friends and distant friends so that we can all live life a little more intentionally. It’s true what your mom told you when you were in high-school about that whole “life flies by when you get older” thing. We’re attempting to regain meaning in every day by conducting one small task per day that will make our lives a little brighter and meaningful. That’s what we’re doing here.

So if you’re interested, I don’t care how busy you are. Take a minute, ten minutes, or an hour for yourself today, your family, or your peace of mind. And if you miss a resolution, that’s OK too—there’s a new one every day.

Blog: Resolutions

In our resolutions blog, we post a daily resolution. Most require no expenses and are  able to be completed at a moments notice (as in, we won’t ask you to fly to Japan tomorrow) but we might ask you to plan a hypothetical trip there.

Blog: Executions

Along the way we’ll be documenting our own trip through these resolutions. We promise they’ve been mixed up in advance so that we too have no idea what order they’ll be in and are purposefully forgetting what comes next. We’ll be posting photos, videos and anything else that’ll help us live a better, more thoughtful year.


Calling us product-experimenters is an understatement. We adore thinkers and do’ers like Tim Ferriss who are willing to test and try everything. So when we try a tea, healthy recipe, supplement or even a new meditation app that kicked our day in the pants, we’ll be sharing it here.

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‘Ze Official News, Published Jan. 1, 2012

For the next 366 days, LifeorDepth.com gives readers one life-altering task per day for more mindful, intentional living

For the next 366 days, a number of your friends, colleagues, relatives and lots of strangers will take part in a challenge to take control of their life and state-of-mind.

LifeorDepth.com launched at 12:00AM Eastern Standard Time on January 1st, 2012 by serial entrepreneur, Patrick Hughes and professional blogger, Amanda MacArthur who also co-run the social media marketing company, BuzzFarmers.

Based in Rhode Island, Patrick and Amanda decided that the traditional one-year resolution that many abide by are generally neither thought-provoking, life-altering, or even entertaining. And judging by the high percentage of those who either make too many resolutions, or get overwhelmed early on, co-founders Pat and Amanda decided that this method simply doesn’t work.

“Resolutions like losing weight, being friendlier and quitting smoking are all life-long commitments, not one-year resolutions. It’s no wonder most people fail in their first few months every year. We started LifeorDepth to be inspired by more forward-thinking goals, and to encourage others to jazz up their lives a little, regardless of how much money they have in the bank or how much weight they need to lose,” co-founder Amanda MacArthur says.

LifeorDepth positions readers and users to make more meaningful decisions this coming year and because of the daily resolution calendar, it doesn’t matter when you join, or on which days you’re unable to complete the goal.

“We want people to try to complete a resolution every day,” says co-founder Patrick Hughes, “but this isn’t a diet where if you have a bad day or make some bad judgements, you quit. There’s a new goal every day which makes it easy to follow. And we hope that people will be inspired to make these little changes and try out new ideas every single day. At the end of the year, they’re going to be very proud of themselves”.

Those looking to start these daily resolutions are invited to http://www.lifeordepth.com where one new resolution will be posted every day.

Patrick and Amanda will follow up each resolution with their own account of completing the task on their “Executions” blog, also on the site. “We also intend to recommend products, websites and other things that help de-stress and inspire us on our “Life-Changers” blog, in the style of Tim Ferriss, a personal hero of mine,” says Hughes, “we have some eBooks in the works too”.

Visit LifeorDepth.com to learn more and sign up for a daily email newsletter which is sent as the clock strikes 12am EST every day.