April 2022

Today’s Resolution: Re-Card Someone

Today's Resolution: re-card-someone

When people get greeting cards (for many occasions), many will hold on to them especially if they are particularly sentimental or humorous. Recycle them in a nontraditional way by re-sending them. Share that funny commentary with the one who originally gave it to you or spread the humor to someone new. Don’t try to hide that it is re-used either.  Add commentary to previous remarks and even sign it again.

Today’s Resolution: Manage a Little Menu Mania

Even if you do not eat out much, having a menu on hand for your favorite food haunts is helpful when you are craving that certain something. Hard copies of menus can be kept in an envelope or electronic copies from restaurant websites can be bookmarked or kept in a folder on your computer desktop. It’s also a helpful way to make decisions when you have out of town guests and you are planning to go out for a meal. Each time you go out for a meal, grab a copy of the menu to add to your collection.

Today’s Resolution: Give Yourself a Pick Me Up

Chores around the house and yard can be daunting if they are put off for any amount of time. It can be easier than we would like to think to ignore things that can be done, especially if they are not urgent. Choose one task to do when you move from one room to the next on another errand.  Is the laundry room on your way to the bathroom (we know what needs to be done there!)? Pick up any stray items that could go in the washer: socks, dish towels, a t-shirt and start a load of laundry. Then go do your business!

Today’s Resolution: Do Some Window Shopping

Many shopping websites have registers or wish-lists. Hop on one of these and create your earmarked set of items you would like. The next time you have a birthday or gift-giving occasion where you could be the recipient, let family and friends know you have pre-selected items to get you just what you want. Encourage others to create these carts too so you don’t spend hours shopping for a sweater they do not like!

Today’s Resolution: Walk the Walk

In making efforts to squeeze in some kind of daily exercise, walking is often an overlooked form of healthy activity that we do without thinking.  From household chores to meandering from one room to the next at the office, we are engaged in movement. Try to guess how much mileage you are actually accumulating each day and how many calories you are burning. Get yourself a pedometer and calculate your marathon steps. Even a 20 minute walk with the dog for a 175 lb. man can burn at least 75 calories (that could translate to a couple of cookies!).

Today’s Resolution: Go Treasure Hunting!

Technology has brought a plethora of multi-player activities to our doorstep without ever having to meet other participants. Popular games like Words with Friends (of Alec Baldwin fame), World of Warcraft, even classic Scrabble have invited complete strangers to our cyber game tables. For something that combines physical contact and cyberspace, try GeoCaching (www.geocaching.com).  It utilizes GPS-enabled devices to help you find physical “treasures” at locations all over the world. Don’t count on getting rich, but you might have fun!

Today’s Resolution: Get Canned

Today's Resolution: Get Canned
This is typically the time of year when many community-based groups organize canned food drives. Often the Boy Scouts are out placing bags at residences going door-to-door for a collection a week later. Schools will often request donations for local groups in need too. Even if no one has knocked on your door yet with this type of request, be prepared. Start going through your pantry now, and set aside non-perishable food items for the benefit of others. And if the Boy Scouts don’t come knocking, seek out organizations who would welcome your donation.

Today’s Resolution: Make It a Wrap

Today's Resolution: Make It a Wrap

Looking for a healthy staple to add to your grocery list that still allows for a variety of tastes? Tortillas can be a healthy alternative to standard sandwiches. Dietary needs and tastes are covered whether you try a whole wheat one or sun-dried tomato tortilla. Cheeses, vegetables, deli meat, even peanut butter can be rolled up to make a delicious wrap. Experimenting with these can also be a fun way to include children in making their own lunches too.

Today’s Resolution: Get Down to the Nuts & Bolts

Every so often you may find yourself in need of a solo nut, bolt, or nail. If you decide to go to the hardware store, you end up buying more than you need and unnecessarily paying a dollar or two. The alternative is hunting around your junk drawers in the kitchen or seeking something out in the garage. Put all of your “spares” in one convenient spot.  A tool box (this makes the most sense) is convenient or even a small baby food jar can do the trick.

Today’s Resolution: Rid Yourself of the Seven Year Itch

Today's Resolution: Rid Yourself of the Seven Year Itch

Stop holding on to those clothes that you never wear! It’s a good time to go through closets, drawers, and bins and start a pile of clothes you have not worn in 7 or more years. Many people keep a stash of “fat” and “thin” clothes for when weight is gained or lost. Force yourself to maintain an ideal weight. Take away that safety net. Look to see if the styles you have in your closet are tragically outdated. Avoid keeping clothes for sentimental reasons. If you are not wearing them, they serve no purpose. Donate or discard. If anything, it will give you an incentive to stay trim and reward yourself with some new outfits!