August 2021

Today’s Resolution: Go People Watching and Create Imaginary Backstories

Everyone has a story. Even you. Yet in a crowd of people, everyone has one story and that’s the direction they’re headed in or out of the crowd. Today, take some time to people watch. You don’t need to go far, though. Find a bench, or sit at your desk and observe. Then, if you feel so inclined, imagine a backstory for these strangers as if you’re a detective in a spy film. Hey, it’s Monday. You need a little silly in your life today!

Today’s Resolution: Be Creative

Today’s Resolution: Mind Your Own Business

Today’s Resolution: Confess Something

Today’s Resolution: Buy Someone a Gift

Today’s Resolution: Print Out Your Phone Photos

Time to take those digital works of art and turn them into print masterpieces. If you’re one of the many who are replacing your digital camera with heaps of cellphone photos, send a few to your local (or online) photobooth today. In my old apartment, I covered an entire wall with photos from my cellphone and it was pretty spectacular if I do say so myself.

Today’s Resolution: Write Somebody a Letter

We’ve already practiced our penmanship and written someone a (disposable) love letter on Valentine’s Day. Now it’s time for a real letter. One you’ll send in the mail and all that.

Today’s Resolution: Give Something Away

Make a bag of clothes, fill a bag of books, whatever. Find a bin and fill it, or find a cause and support it.

Today’s Resolution: Think About Your Dream Home

Everybody has a dream house. Mine has a couch from Restoration Hardware, a waterfall pool in the backyard, an outdoor pizza oven, a wall of glass windows facing something pretty, and a badass garden. Oh and also a homebed theatre couch thing or even this. Also, some neat bookcases built into random things like you see on Pinterest. And a fireplace. Like, a big one. And there’s more. So today’s resolution is to think about your dream home.

Today’s Resolution: Draw

Drawing is a lost art. In a world of computers, I personally never get the chance to hold a pen very often. So the time to doodle and draw is completely absent from my everyday life. In fact, I don’t even have a desk and most of my pens are dried up. So, it’s no wonder the new Draw Something iPhone app racked up 20 million downloads in it’s first five weeks. I don’t need any new digital addictions though, so I’m going to go with the old pen & paper route for this resolution!