April 2021

Daily Resolution: Be Ready Just in Case

Whenever taking a trip, people inevitably “forget” something. Even if your next trip is still a ways off, put some of those easily forgotten items in your bag or suitcase now. Get travel size items if possible for toothpaste, a toothbrush, extra tissues, some band-aids, gum, etc. Throw in a few small plastic bags; these can come in handy for just about anything when traveling. Add travel tags to bags with your name and address now, so you are not “that person” holding up the line at the airport!

Daily Resolution: Avoid Being a Pressure Cooker

Do you know the symptoms of high blood pressure? You might be surprised to know there really are not any, thus the label the “silent killer.” Many people do not even know what their blood pressure is or should be. You do not need a doctor’s appointment to have this checked periodically. Many local pharmacies have blood pressure stations where you can do this for a minimal cost or even free. Check your family history; you may be unaware of family members who suffer from hypertension. And even if you discover your numbers are a little high, ask your doctor or read up on it from credible sources that direct you on what you can do to lower it.

Daily Resolution: Winterproof Your Home

Regardless of the climate, there is seasonal work around the house to be done. Colder climates require such steps as checking a home for heat efficiency by sealing up places that lend themselves to draft (door frames and windows), having a heating and cooling system checked (a good idea for warm climates too), and cleaning out air ducts and vents. For warmer climates, make any repairs to windows, roofing, or siding that may be weathered. And if you live in the snow belt, get yourself a good shovel now before the stores sell out during the next blizzard!

Daily Resolution: Valorize a Vet

Go out of your way to say, “thank you” to a veteran of the military. Start with family members. Do something special for family or friends who have lost someone in the defense of our country’s freedom through a respectful and appreciative act. Discuss the importance of Veteran’s Day with young people/children if the opportunity is there. Fly your flag, email the troops, thank a friend; show your gratitude!

Daily Resolution: Go #Walletless

Last month, Wired editor Christina Bonnington decided to go “walletless”, only using her smartphone as a wallet, and even flying to Hawaii without identification. We already pay so much attention to our digital devices, so today your goal is to try and lose your wallet. For some hints, Bonnington suggests these: Google Wallet and Square Card Case for mobile payments; Uber for taxi needs; Amazon mobile for general purchases; Delivery.com, Eat24, and GrubHub for food delivery; Starbucks for caffeine; and Fandango for movie tickets.

Daily Resolution: Indulge in Lotto Fever

Have you ever noticed that when a lotto jackpot gets outrageously high, more people buy tickets? It is a common occurrence, and one that does not make sense to participate in if you look at it statistically. The more people there are buying tickets, the less chance you have of winning. Instead of getting your hopes up and then dashed in situations like this, proceed as follows. Choose your numbers and do not buy the tickets, post on your desk or carry in your wallet, check out the winning numbers, and be grateful you did not lose a few dollars when you realize someone 4 states over won the jackpot. But then, there’s always that small chance it could have been you…

Daily Resolution: Join the Generic Generation

Saving money is definitely trendy. One easy way to do this without sacrificing is to add a few generic labels to your grocery list. Experiment with breaking bonds of loyalty to certain brands and give generic a try. There are more products now than ever before that are store-based and may shave considerable dollars off your weekly food spree: cereal, coffee, bread, ice cream, salsa, and much more!  If your taste buds (or your family) can tell the difference, you can always switch back. Or you can start with items that aren’t edible!

Daily Resolution: Revisit a Childhood Game as an Adult

In recent years the comeback of the board game has surged. Monopoly, Sorry, LIFE, and even checkers are back on lists for birthdays and the holidays. On store shelves which house games of the video-variety, these board games are finding their place again and at reasonable prices. So don’t be embarrassed that you still have Parcheesi under your bed or “pop-o-matic” Trouble in the attic. Dust them off, show them off, and find a competitor to challenge!

Didn’t play many boardgames? How about Hide and Seek or Cops & Robbers?

Daily Resolution: Make Your Vote Count!

Brush up on your last minute politics and get ready to vote. Encourage family and friends to participate in democracy. Find your nearest election polling center, and be prepared to exercise your right to choose. And then when you are done, grab a thank you cookie and flash your “I Voted” sticker proudly.

If you’re outside of the US, then put something else up to a vote today!

Daily Resolution: Get a “Face”-lift

Online social networking has evolved a great deal in the last decade. It has become a quick way to follow friends, but it has also become an avenue for employers and other supervisors to keep tabs on people. Check your social network sites and be sure there is nothing incriminating or offensive on it. Try to be objective and make certain any images or comments could not be misconstrued.  Examine relationships and decide if they are ethical (example: teachers and students). It is very easy to lose some inhibitions and good judgment while online; check yourself periodically and give yourself a “face”-lift whenever necessary.

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