February 2021

Today’s Resolution: Take to the Skies

Do you prefer short pointed wings or sleek narrow ones? This is not chicken wing related. Find yourself an 8.5” X 11” sheet of paper and create a paper airplane that can take to the skies. Revise and perfect your design for the purpose of achieving distance or speed. One never knows when a challenge will be encountered for a paper airplane making competition. At least you will be ready!

Today’s Resolution: Shred for Safety

Because identity theft can be a real threat, shredding important old documents that contain account numbers and other critical information should occur regularly. If you don’t have a shredder, there are sometimes “community shreds” organized where you can deposit old forms and documents at a public location. Start gathering such items designated for a “shred,” and try to do this periodically. Even if you toss single items in the trash from time to time, make sure you have taken scissors to them.

Today’s Resolution: Go for Broke

Make a list of any broken items in your home. Prioritize and figure out what it takes to make repairs. Is it something you need now? Will be expensive to take care of? Post the list up somewhere so it is unavoidably visible. Stop procrastinating. Call the plumber, go to the hardware store, implore a neighbor; get busy and fix it!

Today’s Resolution: Rescue the Rack

Sometimes the magazine rack is spilling over to the point where you cannot ignore it any longer. Spend 10 minutes fishing through old magazines and circulars that are stacked somewhere taking up space. Throw away anything issued more than 3 months ago. Decide if you or anyone in your household actually reads the issues; if they do not, cancel the subscription. Revisit articles or look for valuable coupons that are not expired. And don’t forget to freshen up old issues that might be in the bathroom; often this is where the most reading occurs!

Today’s Resolution: Be a Bird Brain

Today's Resolution: Be a bird brain

Do you know the difference between a crow and a raven? A robin and a wren? Gather up some seeds, nuts, and fruit to attract some birds of a feather.  Do a little bird watching to get in touch with nature. Depending on what part of the country you live in, indigenous birds can cover quite a variety. Sunflower seeds and peanuts are commonly consumed items. Toss food periodically in your yard, set up an actual birdfeeder, or go to a local park with your food cache and see what flocks around you. Caution: You may attract non-feather types (squirrels) or end up with some bird “debris” on cars, patios, or your head!

Today’s Resolution: Make a Mail Call

There are people in our lives who take care of us every day and we often don’t give them a second thought. Don’t take these folks for granted. Leave your postal carrier a little surprise in your mailbox. Say ‘thanks” with a card or note directly addressed to him/her. Add some cookies or some chocolate. The gesture will be appreciated and you won’t even need a stamp!

Today’s Resolution: Enjoy the Spices of Life

Today's Resolution: Enjoy the spice-of-life

Unless there is someone in your household (perhaps you) who is an inventive cook, chances are there are probably spices in your kitchen arsenal that are rarely used or have been forgotten. Take a good look in your spice rack and choose an item or two to incorporate into your next home cooked meal. Experiment a little and see what you can turn out. Families make great guinea pigs.

Today’s Resolution: Indulge in a Good Prune!

Plants of all types (indoor or outdoor) can stand with a make-over from time to time. Check houseplants that may have outgrown containers and consider repotting; pull off dead and dying leaves/flowers. Trim old branches and leaves from shrubs and trees in the yard. Cut back perennials for the winter season depending on where you live. A good prune never hurt anyone.

Today’s Resolution: Find a “Mom & Pop”

Today's Resolution: Find mom and pop

Do you know what Zots are? Button candy? Ever don a pair of wax lips? There are some great retro candy products to be found that are unique if you look for them in the right places. Sometimes you can get lucky in a local “mom & pop” corner store. There are even online sites now that specialize in these items. Get some of those childhood favorites and share with a friend. They are a great conversation starter or a fun gift.

Today’s Resolution: Make it “a Very GOOD Day”

Make a conscious effort to be positive ALL day today. If you happen to be a “Twilight Zone” fan (the originals), you may recall an episode (“It’s a Good Life”) where there is a very uncomfortable tension among some people in a town because if they think or comment with any negative thoughts in the presence of a young boy, the child has the power to make the pessimists disappear or transform them into something horrible. Try to catch yourself in negativity, and turn it around. Now negative thoughts won’t banish you, but make it “a very good day” just in case!

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