Daily Resolution: Gather The Coats

Organize a modest coat drive at your job or in your neighborhood. Recruit help. Contact local charities for potential organizations who will accept the donations and find out if there are any requirements or restrictions. Organize a date to collect the clothing and promote it through signs, emails, and word of mouth. Help others and get to know your neighbors at the same time. Seem like more than you have time for? Sort out your closet and start a donation pile!

Daily Resolution: Sharpen Your Online Search Skills

Research skills are valuable whether you are on the job, back to school, or managing a household. There are some helpful ways to hone skills on the internet and Google sets up the practice each day with “A Google a Day”. Sign up to receive a challenging question each day to practice how quickly and efficiently you can find the answer. There are many tips to assist you and you will learn fun bits of information every day.

Daily Resolution: Put on Your Listening Ears

If you ever really listen to conversations, there is a tendency to be in such a rush to blurt out thoughts that sometimes listening becomes less important than getting that idea out. How many times have you said to someone, “I already told you that”? The next time you engage in dialogue with someone today, pause for a millisecond longer than you normally would and really listen to what is being said to you and respond accordingly. And don’t speak until the other party is finished if you are the chronic interrupter!

Daily Resolution: Find Some Silver Linings

The proverbial “bad day” strikes everyone and sometimes without warning. However, ultimately a bad day is all in how a person reacts to it. Have some daily affirmations to bolster those positive energies. These can be goal-related, attitude adjusting, or intervening thoughts that break that path of negativity. For example: “I am the captain of my ship;” “I will allow myself to be angry for a short time, but will move on;” “I will do something good for myself today”. Notice these are all positive in the framing: “I will…” and not “I won’t…” You are a happy person without problems, you say? Then help turn someone else’s bad day around.

Daily Resolution: Be Ready Just in Case

Whenever taking a trip, people inevitably “forget” something. Even if your next trip is still a ways off, put some of those easily forgotten items in your bag or suitcase now. Get travel size items if possible for toothpaste, a toothbrush, extra tissues, some band-aids, gum, etc. Throw in a few small plastic bags; these can come in handy for just about anything when traveling. Add travel tags to bags with your name and address now, so you are not “that person” holding up the line at the airport!

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