Today’s Resolution: Add up Checks and Balances

Today's Resolution: Add Up Checks Balances

Keeping a close eye on your pennies can save you dollars in the long run. Establish a routine and organized method of balancing your checkbook or other bank accounts.

If this is part of your current practice, examine unnecessary monthly fees that may accrue without you realizing it. Does your bank charge you each time you use your ATM card? Can you set up more bills to be paid online to save yourself the cost of a stamp? Even not maintaining a monthly minimum balance can cost you money. Find ways to cut costs without spending anything but a few moments of your time

Today’s Resolution: Assert Your Will Power

Most people don’t think about making a will until they get married, have children, or both. Mortality is not a subject we are very comfortable talking about, but have you done any planning in the event you are no longer around? Talk with family now while you can make your wishes clear. Write down who you would like to have specific personal items so they do not end up in a yard sale.

Don’t feel like you have accumulated enough wealth to be too concerned about a will? Think again. Make an appointment with an attorney to preliminary discuss your concerns and what steps you should follow to put your mind at ease.

Today’s Resolution: Avoid Running on Empty

Today's Resolution: Avoid Running on Empty

Take an inventory of what needs to be restocked in your desk, the pantry, your car, or your drawers. For items that spoil or expire too quickly, pick up extras to have handy. There’s nothing worse than to be in the middle of something to find you have run out of a significant ingredient to complete a task.  Watch for sales and pick u several at once. Common items to survey: tape, laundry detergent, gasoline (for car or for lawn equipment), eggs, toothpaste, shampoo, you get the idea. My personal favorite: chocolate!

Today’s Resolution: Dare to Be Different

Today's Resolution: Dare To Be Different

Resolve to do something out of the ordinary today. Drink your coffee black if you normally do not.  Change your hairstyle. Wear a color you don’t normally wear or one that is not in your wardrobe. Change does not need to be overly dramatic. Take a different route to work or school; take the long way home. Break out of the everyday.

Today’s Resolution: Make Movie Madness

If you have spent any time at all on a weekend in front of your television, you are probably aware of “marathon” sessions of shows or movies. There are familiar and recurring entries: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Rocky, and many others. Instead of being victim to what might be monotonous hours of heavy breathing by Darth Vader or bloodied faces in a boxing ring, try planning your own video marathon. Clear your schedule of 4-6 hours (or more), invite family/friends, organize a menu and let the movies begin!

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