December 2017

Today’s Resolution: Decide on Paper or Plastic

Today's Resolution: Decide on Paper or Plastic

In recent years there has been much conversation about the consumer use of paper or plastic in grocery stores for goods. How much thought have you given to the topic? Some stores across the country are no longer offering a choice to customers.  In May 2012, the city of Los Angeles approved a ban on plastic bags as well as incorporated a 10 cent fee for the use of paper bags. Reusable canvas bags have also been used by consumers, but later have been found to accumulate and store bacteria.

Make a well-informed decision on the question: paper or plastic?

If you have made a decision on this issue, can you defend it?

Today’s Resolution: Stay Tuned Up

Spend some time reviewing your music portfolio. iPods, mp3 players, phones, PCs…wherever you house your favorite music, see what needs updating.

Delete anything you do not listen to anymore, reorganize playlists, or create new playlists! Still holding on to cassettes? Got too many CDs taking up space? Consider transferring files and upgrading.

Brainstorm a song list of music you wish you had.  Revamp old collections and categorize: travel music for road trips, cleaning the house music (to blare when vacuuming), workout music (obvious), etc.

Today’s Resolution: Endeavor To Market, To Market!

Local farmers’ markets are growing across the US. Many people are under the impression that these are much more costly than commercial markets and fruits and vegetables are the only products offered to consumers. Of course, neither of these is true. Plants, handmade crafts, local wines are just a few of the treasures one might find.

Some communities even have other events linked to their market attraction: car shows, auctions, festivals, etc. The local newspaper or the website for your city or town usually posts dates and locations for the nearest markets. Even if you do not plan on purchasing anything, farmers markets make for a nice outing where you can mingle with the community; you are likely to run into someone you know.

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