Daily Resolution: Give Yourself a Culture Shock


Because the world continues to become a more global society (in work and play), it is not a bad idea to learn a little bit about other cultures. Understanding even subtle differences can clarify the way we interpret others and the way they understand us. Have you ever felt “crowded” by someone who got very close to you while having a conversation? Were you ever put off by the way someone addressed or greeted you? Before you get too offended by someone of another culture or vice versa, try to realize there may be different cultural norms and practices in place. Negotiating an international business deal can be especially costly if you overreact to something unnecessarily. Take the time to provide yourself with a dose of cultural understanding.

Daily Resolution: Walk It Off

Walking Path

Everyone knows what this day means: The first day of walking off that turkey dinner! If you resisted the temptation to overeat, try to encourage someone else to get up and take a walk today. Make a point of doing a little extra exercise; take the stairs instead of the elevator. Skip any snacks or the whipped cream on that specialty coffee. Remind yourself that this time of year does not signal an open invitation to indulgence. Get those walking shoes on.

If you didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, then take a walk anyway. In fact, have a big lunch or dinner, and then walk it off!

Daily Resolution: Send a Grateful Greeting


Make a point of calling, texting, emailing, or visiting someone with a message of thanks today. Be sure to avoid a mass email; make it a personal and sincere note of gratitude to each individual. Mail a Thanksgiving card (yes, the handwritten kind!) to someone far away, or surprise someone with a call. Resolve to make every day one of giving thanks.

Daily Resolution: Get Out of Your Way


The day before Thanksgiving is often deemed the busiest travel day of the year. This in turn often adds a heap of stress to the day: Worrying about catching connecting flights, having uncongested roads for driving, or even preparing for out of town guests. If this sums up what is ahead for you, consider some de-stressors to help get you through the travel frenzy. Share the responsibility of driving, bring something relaxing for the plane or airport (book, music, a pillow), or pack your favorite snacks for the trip. Staying home? Enjoy the quiet with a good book or meditate! Decide now to keep any work off the agenda for the next day.

If you’re in another part of the world, think of your next big stressful event instead, and do what you can to prepare in advance!

Today’s Resolution: Tell a Joke Today

Evil fun

Even on a person’s worst day, there should be something that can put a smile on someone’s face. Some people are gifted storytellers and can recite a humorous anecdote to peals of delight from others. Maybe “Knock-Knock” jokes will turn a frown upside down (the cornier the better). Be careful of audience and setting and avoid offensive/off-color jokes. There are many internet sites with funny content to use. Find yourself a victim (I mean, target audience) and fire away with something funny.

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