Happy 2013!

Thanks to everyone who’s been completing resolutions with us throughout the year, it’s been a lot of fun, often challenging and always eye-opening. This year we’re focusing on publishing the LifeorDepth book. As you can see, we’re working with a wonderful illustrator to put something together that’s really neat. If you want to get notified when the book has a release date, I hope you’ll subscribe to our email list over there on the right.

Have a wonderfully inspiring and thoughtful 2013!

Daily Resolution: Resolve to Resolve…But Do It Later


There is always a great deal of pressure in early January to make very specific resolutions. This only makes the chance at success even more challenging. Local gyms experience a surge in memberships, nicotine patches sell like hotcakes, and Lean Cuisines become a menu staple. Imagine that at the same time of year, the entire world’s population is focused on making lifestyle changes that are very apt to make one prone to crankiness and impatience. Hmmmm, so it might not be such a bad idea to wait a little while on the list of resolutions…unless procrastinating is your problem!

And with that, we hope you’ve enjoyed Life or Depth this year! Congrats if you completed them all!

Daily Resolution: Come on Baby, Light a Fire


Tap into your inner pyro and light a fire. Maybe there’s a beach nearby, or a backyard BBQ pit? A traditional fireplace, perhaps? Today your goal is to light a fire. If you want to take it up a notch, learn how to light a fire the old fashioned way!


Daily Resolution: Survey the Damage


Take a personal survey today. Are you better off (physically and emotionally) than you were 3 months ago? If you answer “no,” then you need to ask why? Figure out what has changed in that span of time and consider steps to restore your peace of mind, your health, and maybe even your pocketbook. Giving ourselves carte blanche in November and December to indulge can be rejuvenating but also detrimental. No need for any guilt; see how far you may have veered off your path and right your rudder.

Daily Resolution: Avoid a Taxing Time of Year

Tax forms

With the close of the year close at hand, start gathering your documents and receipts to be used for submitting your taxes. Even though you still have plenty of time, start organizing your plan of attack. Make lists of deductions, put together verification of transactions to be noted, contact your tax preparer (or find one) and discuss the past year’s income and expenditures. Starting January 1st with an understanding of your tax situation can help you toward better strategies for the upcoming year. And this will only help you get that refund more quickly or give you the time to pay the government what is owed.

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