Today’s Resolution: Find a “Mom & Pop”

Today's Resolution: Find mom and pop

Do you know what Zots are? Button candy? Ever don a pair of wax lips? There are some great retro candy products to be found that are unique if you look for them in the right places. Sometimes you can get lucky in a local “mom & pop” corner store. There are even online sites now that specialize in these items. Get some of those childhood favorites and share with a friend. They are a great conversation starter or a fun gift.

Today’s Resolution: Make it “a Very GOOD Day”

Make a conscious effort to be positive ALL day today. If you happen to be a “Twilight Zone” fan (the originals), you may recall an episode (“It’s a Good Life”) where there is a very uncomfortable tension among some people in a town because if they think or comment with any negative thoughts in the presence of a young boy, the child has the power to make the pessimists disappear or transform them into something horrible. Try to catch yourself in negativity, and turn it around. Now negative thoughts won’t banish you, but make it “a very good day” just in case!

Today’s Resolution: Make Your Move

Put a little yoga into practice by learning some basic moves (or at least be able to talk about it). Take a beginner’s class or have a friend or family member teach you some simple poses. There are many people who use yoga as part of their exercise routine, as an outlet, or as a social activity. Be able to answer the question, “What’s Updog?” the next time you are asked!

Today’s Resolution: Play Mind Games

Many studies have shown that an active mind may stave off the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Logic and problem-solving skills can be practiced daily with mind challenges such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku, riddles, and many other fun and games. Look in your local newspaper or go online and resolve to solve!

Today’s Resolution: See What’s in Your Wallet

Today's Resolution: See Whats in Your Wallet

Evaluate your credit cards periodically. Check interest rates with other companies and be sure your company is giving you the most competitive rate. Compare perks you receive, and see if you are being charged any extra fees such as an annual maintenance fee. Sometimes you can negotiate with companies for a better deal either on interest rates or perks; you might be able to get a company to waive an annual fee. Loyalty to a company is fine, but sometimes making a change can net you a better offer in the long term.

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